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Why a knowledge sharing culture is pivotal to business growth.

Published by Nadia Kruger

2 March, 2021


Knowledge sharing is the backbone of any successful working experience. If you asked both employees and business owners to identify the major challenges they are facing daily, access to information and various types of knowledge would be among the top answers. Upskilling is the process of teaching, coaching, and enhancing current skills, and abilities, to effectively expand the capabilities of existing staff, and sharing of knowledge plays a pivotal part in that process.

Communicate the importance of knowledge sharing.

Managers play an important role in conveying the benefits of knowledge sharing by taking a proactive approach. For example, they can demonstrate previous cases where the open exchange of ideas proved to be the difference between winning and losing a deal. They can also include the benefits in their employee e-Learning and make sure to always communicate and ask their teams to voice their opinion.


Choose the right tools wisely.

Learning management systems such as ART are also widely adopted by businesses thanks to their ability to facilitate access to training materials through dedicated learning spaces. The wave of new technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality took learning in the workplace to new heights by combining explicit and tacit knowledge. Virtual worlds that represent an exact replica of real -life situations help employees to interact with their surroundings and become used to a specific layout. Additionally, these new techniques, such as e-Learning courses and webinars, focus heavily on building experiences through storytelling and complex branching scenarios.


Earn money by sharing your knowledge.

Online education is a booming market, and you can earn money by selling your content online. You may be wondering: will anyone want to pay for what I know?

First ask yourself: how often do people ask you for this information? If you’ve ever given a talk on a subject, pay attention to the interest levels of the audience. Did you field a lot of questions from the audience? Had you answered those questions before in other contexts?


There is a lot to be said for niche subjects, but it’s also true that if other people are offering courses in a subject area, it’s a sign of high demand. Test the waters and get started for FREE by building and selling your course on ART. See how people respond, and you may just discover you have a real money maker on your hands.


Although knowledge sharing may seem like a straightforward concept, you’d be surprised to learn that many businesses lose millions each year because they don’t do it. Fostering a learning culture within a business or organisation can have a wide range of both immediate and long-term benefits. Start sharing your knowledge today, you can even start earning money!